arianne is fascinated by the healing language of our soulsongs. our ultimate communication source for spatial poetry, and yet the best thermometer of the self. her work is best described as deep and lusciously caring with a hint of free flow

arianne is a seasoned yoga/ meditation teacher and yoga therapist, who has worked with many people of different ages and abilities. her speciality is facilitating healing sessions of vibrational therapy ( sound/ stress pattern release), yoganidra, breathwork, shamanic healings and alchemy of touch. besides her healing work, arianne also creates and teaches dance and related events, for very diverse groups and locations. during her travels she has encountered many wonderful master teachers with many different backgrounds in yoga, tcm and bodywork,shamanism and dance that have touched her practice and teaching as it is today. much gratitude goes out to them.

she operates through her own company ‘tulsi treats’, through which she organises her workshops, classes, treats, treatments and retreats, in collaboration with others.

she lives a transient life mostly between asia ( india ) and europe