Kaja is teaching different styles of hatha yoga (flow & classic & gentle). She became interested in yoga since her first encounter with this art of living in 2004 during her internship in Buenos Aires. After returning to The Hague, she continued practicing on her own and occasionally attended led classes. But after she became a mother (2009), in the need to rediscover her balance, she started to consider the mat her friend for life. This is when she started to follow regular classes at different studios and deepen her own practice by attending various workshops in yoga, mindfulness and meditation. At this point she became aware of the ‘non-physical’ aspects of yoga and that only reinforced her belief that she was moving in the right direction. With growing passion and curiosity in yogic lifestyle & philosophy, she decided to follow a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, which was one of the best presents she could ever give to herself.

In her classes, she will create a space for you to explore the benefits of ‘yoga’ beyond the physical aspects, and to experience the effortless flow of the life energy by increasing your awareness of the body and mind.

‘For me, yoga has become an infinite resource of ‘tools’ how to live more present, fulfilled and joyful life and I’m grateful to be sharing this with you!’

Next to yoga, Kaja is a passionate foodie and with her company ‘KAYA healthy delights’ she creates healthy, nourishing, plant-based raw treats for your party, event or a meeting.

More info:
email: kayadelights@gmail.com
facebook: kayadelights