vibrational therapy

have you been dealing with stress, fatigue, worry, depressed feelings, feelings of emptiness, psychosomatic aches and pains, difficult work-, family-, or other interpersonal relations?

this is what you need!

our physical body, emotions, mind, soul & spirit are all different layers of our being.
we as beings all have a different frequency, resonating and communicating with everything that happens around us and inside us
as everything consist of energy vibration and everything has a different frequency, our system can get out of balance as it is interacting and reflecting, always looking to harmonise with all that it is in contact with, whether that is environment, people, location, culture, religion etc.  
during our day to day living, or through certain traumatic events our system could start to resonate in a different frequency, that might not necessarily be in harmony with our being, and can trigger dis-ease in our system.

stress pattern release could offer you ways to rebuilt your emotional, mental and physical health. discover and release the habitual patterns that do not serve you any longer through various techniques like, tremor releasing, touch, breath work, energetic rebalancing, constellation work, sound healing, movement analysis, kinesiological muscle testing and belief re-patterning
a natural way of working to harmonise your system again

don’t hesitate to contact us if you have been dealing with:

  • periods of high stress
  • occasional or regular bouts of anxiety, worry or gloom
  • intense sadness or emptiness/ loneliness
  • (chronic) psycho-somatic aches and pains
  • feelings of tiredness, burn out
  • difficult work-, family- or other interpersonal relationship issues
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