Femke Zeeman

The healing power of yoga

Yoga has been part of my life for a good 10 years now. After I’d broken one of my vertebrates in 2006, my physiotherapist introduced me to yoga during my recovery process. Since I’ve been born with double hip dysplasia (a deformed and misaligned hip condition), I was already quite accustomed with hip and lower back pain. So basically I was more then willing to try anything that could bring me some relief.

It worked well for me. I enjoyed yoga, and my back improved and strengthened.

Inner silence
I’ve always had a really busy mind to say the least, but Yoga has brought me the unexpected surprise of inner peace.Yoga also thought me to stand still, trust my intuition and find my inner safety house.

Physically Yoga keeps teaching me to find the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. And perhaps more importantly; it teaches me to listen to the early signals my body sends me when I’m either too physically passive or active. I’m more than grateful to say that at this moment my body is strong, flexible and pain free.

Education & lifelong student
I’m also grateful for all the wisdom that I’ve been able to receive and study so far on my yoga journey. And I’m looking forward to this beautiful lifelong study ahead.

In 2012 I traveled to Dharamsala India where I completed my first 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200, Chandra Yoga International).

Additional trainings:

  • 2014: 2 year LifeCoaching Training at Atma School for Coaching in Amersfoort.
  • 2016: RYT 200 Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Skadi van Paasschen & Johan Noorloos (DNY Amsterdam)
  • 2016: MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

Classes & influences
Meditation and yoga teachers as Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley are great inspirations to me and their wisdom and knowledge inspire my teachings and coaching sessions.

Having said that, my fellow teachers of tulsi treats are likewise choc-full of inspiration every time I see them.

I value to work from a place of ease, kindness and play. It’s a perfect foundation to heal, grow and strengthen. When we embrace the spirit of ‘perfectly imperfect’ our mind, body and hearts feel safe enough to open up and try new things on and off the yoga mat.

Become more flexible in mind & body, regardless of how inflexible, old, imperfect or injured you might perceive yourself to be. You can always benefit from yoga. And you do not have to be able to touch your nose with your toes in my class. In fact, you don’t need to touch your toes either! And you are also allowed to laugh (or cry, or both).

I would love to see you in one of my classes or coaching sessions.

With love,


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