Felicia van der Does

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well’
– Virginia Woolf

As far back as I can remember I have always had a love for food, good food.

And cooking was always an interest for me, but I never considered making it my profession till 2013.

In that year I switched to plant-based cooking (after about 12 years of being a flexitarian), and I developed a hunger to explore plant-based cooking. Something happened in my mind and soul. It was as if a door that had been closed, all of a sudden opened and all this culinary creativity spilt out. I could really get excited about going to a fruit and veggie market and just imagining all the dishes I could make with the produce.

I wake up in the morning planning my meals for the day. Throughout the day I think about what I still have in the fridge and what I can make with it and am eager to go home and try out my new ideas.

In 2014 I started culinary school to be trained as a vegan chef. From the first day at school, I was hooked completely. Besides learning all the necessary skills and knowledge, there was also a focus on healthy eating. Besides the basics of cooking, I also gained some basic knowledge about Ayurvedic cooking, Macrobiotic cooking and RAW cooking. In my cooking, I like to mix and match and explore all possibilities.

To me food is not merely a means to nourish the body, it is also a means to nourish the soul. So the combination of food and yoga is one that really appeals to me. At retreats, I cook for I like to work closely together with the yoga teacher and discuss what the processes are and which food is good to help that process.

I love thematic cooking.

Next, to my catering business, I work as a studio manager for a yoga studio.

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