Jenny Schoenmann

Jenny Schoenmann

For the last years, Jenny Schoenmann has been instructing as a 500 hours certified yoga teacher both group and one to one classes on a daily basis. She hosts regular workshops on yoga, healthy movements, meditation, morning rituals, and stress reduction. In the Netherlands, she is teaching at Delight Yoga and previous to that at Yama Yoga in Doha, Qatar.

In Jenny’s yoga classes you will move with ease and from your center. You have all the freedom and space to explore your body in the postures. That ignites freedom and the space to connect with your soul wisdom.
Jenny is the founder of her own company Soul Flow & Glow –
Offering the unique combination of Yoga, Soul-based Coaching and Beauty.

She is a certified Coach in Clean language and Symbolic modeling also known as Soul-based Coaching. This approach goes deep and is long lasting based on working with her client’s wisdom and inner knowledge.
In her daily work, she offers women the unique combination of Soul Flow and Glow.

To get clear about their purpose, create meaningful progress and live the healthy life they want. They achieve this by staying true to their femininity, being at ease and showing their shining beauty with pride.Jenny knows the importance of being in touch with her Soul Wisdom. As a mother of two, moving countries and homes several times, being an entrepreneur for over 20 years. She developed the rituals that allow her to be in ease when needed and following her truth while prioritising taking care of herself in order to support her family and clients as much as they deserve it.

Last year she published „The daily morning journal“ A powerful transforming Routine. 

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