a transformational meditation retreat
with arianne de vos burchart & antar khirad
27/1 – 02/2 2018 rishikesh, india

are you ready
for a transformative experience?
to discover your true nature?

let this be the right time to deepen your practice
to awaken to who you are
in your essence
in the core of your being

during this intense retreat we will guide and encourage you to take a leap of faith into the depth of your being
this will be the opportunity to practice different forms of meditation, pranayama and movement practices
for you to shed layers until being as bare as can be
all unfolds, unravels in due time

this retreat will be held at the incredible space of RISHIS INTERNATIONAL situated in the mystical valley of the ancient shiva temple  “Neelkanth” a pilgrimage place for thousands of hindus
this regio is called ‘devo bhumi ‘ divine land /  land of gods and is about 10-15 km away from the yoga capital of the world rishikesh, india

daily schedule
8.00-10.00 morning practice
10.30-11.30 brunch
12.00-14.00 meditation
free time
17.00-18.30 restorative practice
19.00-20.30 dinner
21.00-21.30 evening activity(every other day)

practices will include:
dynamic and passive meditations
different pranayams
yoga nidra
different forms of hatha yoga

in the middle of the week we will organize an excursion