RADICAL REST: movement, mantra & mindf*ck retreat


6-12 August (weekend can also be booked separately)

*additional radical rest facilitator training possible


Amongst our packed schedules and perhaps demanding deadlines and time spend on the road, in offices and cities, BUSY seems to be the norm. It seems like a profound sense of tiredness is one of the defining features of modern life.
and our world is as exhausted as we are.
our ecosystems are stretched far beyond their limits
our social structures like families and communities battle for survival.

what to do?




And join us during our Dutch summer retreat where we will be starting the ‘Quietest Revolution‘ by discovering the undercurrents of Radical Rest

Are you in need to let go of the constant chatter of your own mind?

Would you like let your body mind and soul fully surrender to yin, restorative and meditation practices to arrive to silence and stillness?

Is it time to allow for a way to explore the healing power of sound breath and vibration through your own voice?

Would you like to dive into mantra, movement practice & sound-healing?

Then this retreat might be for you!


Arianne, Tapashi and Felicia will have you experience, explore, relax and restore your inner landscapes in various ways.

During this retreat , you will be handed tools to dive into the beautiful practice of self care. The profound practices of Yoga Nidra, Sound, Breath and vegan food will be the red thread throughout this retreat.

Yoga Nidra, the yoga of sleep, can aid conditions related to: better sleep, anxiety, depression, trauma, learning disabilities, creativity, spiritual development and much more which can be on an emotional, mental or spiritual level.

You will rediscover, experience, relax, rejuvenate and restore your practice of self care in a profound way.


During the weekend Tapashi and Arianne will take you on a meditative journey to connect with the self through the self with the help of ancient healing sounds, movement practices and meditation.

They will be using these powerful Mantras in meditation in stillness as well as in motion. With a precise guide to the Sanksrit alphabet and phonetics, followed by simple but potent Mantras and explanation of the meaning and philosophy. adding to that the pure joy of using your voice freely, you will also have the opportunity to fully explore the gayatree mantra, as well as being immersed in guided healing sound journeys.

We will end the retreat with a group chant which allows you to truly experience the energy of sound from inside.

All of this in the lovely countryside during summer time in northern Holland



This retreat can be taken as a moment to immerse yourself fully in the practices.

If you are dealing with a personal issue, and would like some guidance and /or releieve, additional private sessions of

Stress Pattern Release are also available during the retreat at a reduced rate of 65,-/hr



If you feel the calling to dive deeper into how to deliver these methods and train yourself to becoming a radical rest facilitator for others, we have the option to turn this week in to a radical rest training retreat
During the regular retreat we will have our morning and early evening sessions
For the trainees we will conduct complemetary training sessions from
monday-friday in the afternoons



T Flinkeboskje is traditional farmhouse situated in Friesland, the Northern part of the Netherlands. In the middle of nature, on the countryside where there’s nothing but peace, silence, green, forest and birds. Also right next to the Vogelhoek; a beautiful lake.

By train/public transportation: From Amsterdam it’s most easy to take the train to Sneek, there you can take bus 45 to Hemelum, Flinkeboskje

By car from Amsterdam: here you can find your route

‘t Flinkeboskje / Flinkefarm



Born in a Hindu family amidst the serene valleys and rolling hills of far Northeast India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas very early in her life by her father, while her mother passed on the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies, and the subtle meanings of Sanskrit shlokas and mantras. In course of time, she took to meditation. She later followed a TTC in traditional Hatha yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul – a classical Indian Ashram, and has since followed numerous workshops and trainings to deepen her understanding and practice.

Tapashi offers regular Yoga classes as well as sessions of Mantra chanting & meditation in Goa, where she lives during the winter. She brings the wisdom of her ancestors into her classes in a way that is accesible to the modern body and mind.


Felicia van der Does, certified vegan chef with a focus on healthy and wholesome meals, will be taking care that you are well nourished during the retreat and the food you eat supports your practice and process during this retreat.

With a background in ayurvedic, macrobiotic & raw, she likes to

mix and match these, using as much seasonal produce as possible.
find more info here:

Felicia van der Does



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