soul essentials yoga retreat

Soul Essentials
Rites & Rituals with the unique Combination of soulful yoga & sound

Rituals and Routines are one of the most nourishing things we can offer ourselves.

In this retreat, Arianne and Jenny combine their unique skills that take you on a journey to your soul.
Listen to your soul, reconnect and recharge, inspired by unique sounds and soulful yoga.

You will practice rites and rituals to support your wholehearted life filled with deeper meaning in the simplicity of everyday living.

You can lean in and receive. Let go and find back that ease and magical wisdom through the practices we offer you.
Gain insights and understand priorities on how to live your life in balance through daily rituals & routines.

When was the last time you took time just for yourself?

Join us on this journey and:

Reconnect to yourself and your needs
Find softness and relax
Nourish your body, mind, and soul
Regain energy for your daily life
Have time just for yourself, no expectations, no liabilities

You will do this by

  • practicing Soulful Yoga, Unique Sound, Meditation & Breathing
  • energizing Natural Movement Practices
  • exploring Rites and Routines that you can take home to stay in your Flow
  • spending Free Time on your own in Nature
  • enjoying Organic & Healthy Food prepared with care and love

Whether you are craving nature, stillness or a deep reconnection and renewal.