The constant change- retreat Oct’18 Sardinia-Italy


In Sardinia, Italy
7 days of exploring our energy network to restore balance
21-27 October 2018 with anne wuchold and arianne de vos burchart
Are you feeling out of balance? Tired or stressed?
In need of self-care tools?
Always wanted to learn more about how add to touch to your yoga teaching?
Or just in the mood for a lovely escape to re-balance your system?
This is what you need!
Join us for our 7 days the constant change retreat in Italy, at one of the most beautiful retreat villas on the magical island of Sardinia
During this 7 day immersion, we will be unravelling the universal seasons within ourselves through the cyclic ebb & flow of our energy network. In this retreat, you will experience and understand the basic concepts of the 5 element theory and their relating organs and meridians to balance your energetic framework, as we will be working with a mix of yin and yang yoga practices, shiatsu massage techniques, subconscious sound healings, breath work, free movement exploration and more.
During our retreat, we will combine these two arts. We will learn how, while being in the long-held yin poses, shiatsu can be applied to deepen the effect of the yin tractions. Also understanding deficiencies within the different elements and how they will manifest in the body/mind, and better yet practices you can do yourself to maintain balance within your own system, will be addressed.
Anyone can join this retreat, but it is especially interesting for yoga teachers or people who would like to deepen their knowledge on the basics of the 5 elements theory seen from a TCM perspective in relation to a balanced health.