tbd, the netherlands

3 days to experience, explore, relax and restore
our inner landscapes in various ways

during this luxurious yin practice, we will be preparing the body to tune in, and listen to what is.

During this days we will dive deeply into our moving anatomy. Set asana practice blended with improvised movement. Allowing the dance of breath and movement to unfold while letting the mind and body be in the un-knowing, gently moving through our systems and breath into stillness
Moving through our inner landcapes, experiencing concepts like weight, skeletal structure, flow, breath, spaciousness and stillness is a way to connect to the body as it naturally wants to move, as well as challenging it to explore new patterns that will enhance your practice.
These practices are aimed to give you tools for a more creative approach to your practice, feeling a profound home coming and understanding of your inner landscape as well as trying to seduce you to be more present in your body so that you can enjoy your expression fully.

One can define yoga nidra as a heartfelt state of conscious deep sleep.
One appears to be sleeping, but the unconscious mind is functioning at a deeper level: it is sleep with a trace of awareness.
In normal sleep we lose track of our self, but in yoga nidra, while consciousness of the world is dim and relaxation is deep, there remains an inward lucidity and experiences may be absorbed to be recalled later.
During the state that is yoga nidra, the subconscious mind is much easier addresssed. Therefore stress/belief patterns can be released or altered, and change will be easier allowed into the subconsious mind.

To prepare ourselves for this deep relaxation meditation, we drop into our bodies through restorative yin, and simple pranayama practice.

During this retreat you will be handed tools to dive into the beautiful, profound practice of selfcare. with our red thread throughout the weekend, the profound practice of yoga nidra.
Yoga nidra can aid conditions related to: better sleep, anxiety, depression, trauma, learning dissabilities, creativity, spiritual development and much more which can be on an emotional, mental or spiritual level

Come join to rediscover, experience, relax, rejuvenate and restore your practice of selfcare in a profound way.

To be announced.

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