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You’ve probably heard people talking about the 7 chakras. They are often referenced in the context of emotional healing or meditation practice. If you may have found the concept of chakras confusing. Or, you have not quite understood what place it might have in your life, this workshop is for you!

Everyone can work with chakras. Each of these potent energy centers have a unique vibrational frequency. So, even a basic understanding of the 7 chakras can enhance your life in surprising ways.

Whether you’re trying to heal a specific issue , looking to improve your manifestation power or just hoping to boost your overall well-being, it helps to know more about the 7 chakras. 

In this guide to chakras, we’ll explore each chakra’s in various ways and In addition, we’ll consider how to balance your 7 chakras most effectively.

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One can define yoga nidra as a heartfelt state of conscious deep sleep.
one appears to be sleeping, but the unconscious mind is functioning at a deeper level: it is sleep with a trace of awareness.

In normal sleep we lose track of our self, but in yoga nidra, while consciousness of the world is dim and relaxation is deep, there remains an inward lucidity and experiences may be absorbed to be recalled later.

During the state that is yoga nidra, the subconscious mind is much easier addresssed. therefore stress/belief patterns can be released or altered, and change will be easier allowed into the subconsious mind.

During this basics workshop, arianne will take you through the basic components of a yoganidra
-you will come to understand how you can devise your own nidra
-experience different forms of nidra
-practice on others.

to prepare ourselves for this deep relaxation meditation, we drop into our bodies through restorative yin, and simple pranayama practice.
come join to rediscover, experience, relax, rejuvenate and restore your practice of selfcare in a profound way.
arianne will take you on a journey through your inner landscapes, a deep meditative travel which will open your heart.
welcome home ♡

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a yin yang intensive

There is no such thing as absolute YIN or absolute YANG

The one is always in relation to the other.
Same objectives can have different qualities in different situations.
The essens of tse c ito hnieto bring balance on every level
What we are addressing in this workshop is that these forces of feminine and masculine energy are here for us to experience but in the essence to oppose to bring balance, come into center, bring peace in to our day to day living and relating. Practised on the mat is more easily taken off the mat into life.

This workshop is giving you tools to explore these oppposing qualities (yin-yang) on various levels for you to expand, learn and acquire tools for later integration into your own practice on and off the mat. We will practice energetic movement, pranayama, use of sound, meditation and more

-becoming aware of our male and female energies
-notice where we or give too little
– becoming aware how to balance these energies, and adapt it to out day to day

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moving with the cycles – a womans circle

YONI is the Sanskrit word for our female reproduction system, not just on a physical level but ALL the MAGIC it represents

SHAKTI represents the utmost feminie essesnce in yoga philosopy, earthy nourishing powerful in her surrender. Many moments in our western perspective we forget to honour her, and her cyclic ways of movement

During this workshop we will recognise and appreciate the ‘cyclical wisdom’ we find all around us in nature (e.g. the phases of the moon or the seasons of the year). During the session we will focus on the circular rhythm of the breath and through this simple practice of mindful breathing cultivate deep appreciation for and connection to the multiple layers of ‘cyclical power’ that courses through our bodies and lives.
One of these layers is the menstrual cycle – it is as if we have our own inner winter, spring, summer and autumn and back to winter again. The practice of noticing these inner shifts and transitions is called Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Bringing this awareness on to our yoga mat means choosing what and how to practice at each phase in our cycle.
Women who are not experiencing a monthly menstrual cycle (e.g. through pregnancy, lactaction, menopause, hysterectomy, or other reasons) can use the phases of the moon as an alternative practice of monthly cycle awareness. In some cases this may help to restore a natural menstrual cycle if that is the aim.
Particular emphasis is placed on honouring the ‘autumn’ or descending curve of the cycle and the ‘inner winter’ we experience around the time of our bleed, and the other times in our lives where it is perfectly natural and normal to experience exhaustion or depletion (especially postnatally or during peri-menopause). I offer opportunities for deep rest and relaxation and suggestions for doing less (because we already know that you can do more!) from very practical examples to more varied meditation practices and integration of the Maha Vidyas, the Wisdom goddesses as various representations of Kali, the powerful female warrior goddess

-becoming aware of our cyclic living
-notice where we live against this cyclic living
-becoming aware of our feminine power within cyclic living and how to adapt it to our day to day

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