holistic yoga therapy

Holistic Yoga Therapy is a one-to-one yoga based therapy session in which you can get a deeper understanding of your body, emotions and mind and how to achieve greater harmony through your entire being. this is a great opportunity to progress along the yogic path in the traditional way that yoga was taught in the Indian ashrams.

a Holistic Therapy Session can focus on any physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual aspect. whether it is an emotional pattern that you are noticing in your life, or a physical issue that you would like to look deeper into and resolve, you will work together with the therapist to identify where any imbalances are manifesting in your body and mind.

your first session is a detailed discussion relating to your physical body, general health history as well as reviewing your daily habits and routines related to sleep, diet, emotional states and lifestyle. the session may also incorporate simple therapeutic techniques such as visualizations and short meditations.

in the follow-up session your therapist will guide you through your individualised practice, incorporating aspects of asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), meditations etc.
in this session you will receive a written sequence to take home as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

Krishnamacharya teaching pranayama

Krishnamacharya teaching pranayama

it is our vision that Holistic Yoga Therapy will provide you with a way to take your experience in the sessions with you, to integrate it into your daily life. this system of empowerment and healing will create more balance and inspiration for yourself and in turn to those around you.

it is recommended that you have at least 2 sessions so that you and your therapist can work together and develop the best possible plan to reach your individual goals.

ask us for options, a lot is possible.

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