salty saturday (back again, summer of 2017

imagine a beautiful summer’s day in 2017…

you gave yourself a few hours off to completely relax and enjoy time with yourself, or a friend, partner, sister/brother, neighbour anyone*

as you arrive at the beach you can simply surrender to the following treats:

.10.30-11.45 yin yang
yoga practice on the beach
.12.00-14.00 delicious lunch
with fresh fruits, yoghurt, homemade granola, pancakes, smoothie, tea, coffee
.12.00-14.30 a lucious 45 min massage
by our tulsi treats massage team
.14.30-15.00 yoga nidra
a deeply relaxing guided laying down meditation

early bird price: 67,50
( on the day: 75,-)

gift yourself this gift, and come join us!

to register:
send mail to
or app/sms to+31(0)611423472
or a message on fb: tulsitreats

ask us for options, a lot is possible