Yolanda Marty started her career in performing, creating and teaching dance. Finding peace and happiness in her daily demanding dance life, was her drive to start practicing yoga in 2001.

In 2009 she deepened her practice by attending the 4 year hatha yoga teacher training at Saswitha Education for Yoga & Philosophy.  She specialized in Yoga for Target groups and received certificates in Ayurvedic Massage, Breath Therapy, Pranayama, Anatomy & Physiology.

Currently she specialized in Yoga Nidra at the Total Yoga Nidra Facilitor Training in London. Due to her curiosity in the relationship between and yoga and creativity, she did research and a case study in Yoga Nidra as a conduit to creativity.

It is her aim and privilege to help you on your path on finding inner peace in the fluctuations of life and to connect to the source of creativity to manifest anything your heart wishes!

More info www.yolandavanwelij.nl

“The real yoga starts off the mat”.